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Sarbay Foreign Trade Limited Company started its operations in 2012. The company has combined its know-how before establishing the company under a single roof. The company acts as an intermediary between its exporting partners and customers and the importing companies abroad. With its existing foreign relations, it has assumed the mission of business development in international markets. In Sarbay, we believe that protecting the benefit of our customers, and winning their trust should come above all gains. Providing high-quality services to our customers through effective and reliable teamwork represent the core of our values as a company. In 2012, SGI Plastic Machinery Mold Construction Auto was established to produce disposable plastic razor and bloodstone. SGI company is currently strengthening its brand image in the market via its high-quality products that have already offered to Europe, the Middle East, and Gulf countries. Through producing high quality, ease of use products which give confidence to the consumers in terms of hygiene, and trough production-based growth SGI Plastic aims to be the leader in its sector SARBAY Foreign Trade Company’s main concern besides, working together with SGI Plastic, is to find solutions to the problems faced by its partners' products in the market place. And through its wide range of products SARBAY, is constantly evaluating the market's need and upgrading its services accordingly. In all of our works, in addition to a successful team of scientists, high-tech Machinery Park and distinguished raw material manufacturers are used. Our higher aim is to sustain the structure which is dominated by the win & win system with our healthy and long-lasting customers.
OPET Lubricants is a part of a very well known group “KOC Holding” and Lubricants manufacturer in Turkey. Koc Holding which is the largest commercial holding in Turkey with more than 100.000 employees. Koc Holding operates in several sectors such as Automotive, Households, Banking and Energy. Koc holding itself is realizing the 10% of Total Export of Turkey. KOC Holding, is the only Turkish company in Fortune 500 List. In terms of energy sector, Koc holding owns Turkey’s biggest registered company which is a refinery in Turkey namely Tupras, also owns Aygaz which is a gas (mainly LPG) distribution company and owns Opet having a fuel distribution business with more than 1.600 petrol stations being our sister company as well. Under the Holding umbrella Koc alliances with FORD, FIAT and CNH worldwide in automotive industry. We produce our OPET branded lubricants in Izmir, Turkey which are exported currently to more than 20 countries. Recently, in September 2019, we just moved to our state of the art, fully automated new plant.
We are manufacturer of Steel Security Door, Fire Door, Copper Coating Steel Door, Armored Door, Main Entrance Door, Villa Door, Hospital Doors, PVC Steel Door, Luxury Steel Door, Classic Steel Door, Economic Steel Door, Iron Door, Copper Door, Interior Wooden Door, Laminate Door and Panel Doors in Turkey since 1992. We produce high quality doors towards to our 27 years experiences. We have also different type of products except doors for your interest that are;Bathroom Cabinet, Smart Vases&Pots ,Sanitary,Bathroom Toilet and Sink, Coffee Tables and Copper Sheets, Door surface copper sheet. If you need any type of door, Bathroom cabinet, smart vases&pots, door surface copper plates, bathroom toilet and sink, coffee tables and copper sheets for your special projects please do not hesitate to communicate with us. We may give competitive prices for you. Hope to make a good business. Looking forward for future cooperation. Best Regards. Kulca Steel Security Door products has TSE quality certificate and our companu is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Isik Kalip was established for mould designing and manufacturing in Izmir in 1971. Having supported all renowned large companies of our country on mould designing and manufacturing for many years, our company has made a name for itself in the sector in a short time through successful projects it achieved during this period. As a result of the quality and fast service which it provides, our company has combined its knowledge on moulding through the guidance from its customers with the injection process and started to carry out the mass production of the moulds it manufactures in the plastic injection department which it established in its organisation.
Since the foundation of our company there has been only one target; it is to create a manufacturer which has no difference between from the ones in developed countries and has the same opportunities. Our manufacturers are in number one position in the world with its hardworking. However they always have old technologies. The reason of it is that the new technology is imported to our country with very high prices. There is a big market in our country. In this market the foreign companies market their products very expensive. However our industry, manufacturing quality and technology in our country can manufacture this new technology with high grade, there is no deficiency for this. As CELIKKALELI LTD. STI. our only goal is to manufacture competitive technology with our 100% engineer, our technical staff and scientists. Today we have almost seized this goal. We will export products with our technological know-how combining with 30 year experience to developed countries. We will succeed this with hardworking, enduring and smart manufacturers sharing a common fate. For this we have an endless faith. Today we are able to manufacture the same products which so called world's giant companies manufacture, but we will do better. Our target is to succeed the best technological manufacturing in the world and to present these products first to Turkish villagers and manufacturers then to villagers and manufacturers in the world. Because of that we are working work non-stop and will.
In our 32-year journey in Germany, we have completed many projects in Germany and Africa. As of 2014, we produce construction projects under the name of Taham Yapi. With the experience we have gained since 2018 and our experienced team, we have started to offer solutions to our customers in the field of construction materials export and import. We offer a wide range of products, especially construction materials.
We are proud of being involved in the Turkish bicycle industry with the production techniques, knowledge and experience we have developed over the years in the field of aluminum production. KOREL Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. In 1988, with the aim of producing aluminum materials for the white goods industry, the aim was to increase the variety of materials and production capacity over the years. 20.000 tons of aluminum material is produced annually for domestic and foreign white goods and automotive supplier industry which are producing in the field of heating and cooling. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., which transforms crude aluminum material into its own casting and pipe factories, In 2015, a new investment decision has been taken for the manufacture of aluminum bicycles and all aluminum parts used in the bicycle industry with local possibilities. It was decided that the bike would be offered to CORELLI brand and the aluminum bicycle, parts and other equipments to the bicycle market of Turkey with DACRON brand. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, which can produce its own aluminum scorecard with its own possibilities. Aluminum material production knowledge and experience in the field of bicycle production will also be the pioneer of innovation in the bicycle industry. Our bicycle factory with 8.000 m2 closed and 3.000 m2 open area has aluminum welding department, T6 oven department, dye house, assembly line, label application line and staff test laboratory for staff production. Korel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Þ. Our aim is to produce with zero mistake and to reach the bicycle user from every income group the comfort and lightness of bicycles produced with aluminum staff. As we enter the 2018 sales period, we are pleased to present a completely new product range in terms of product range and technical specifications in parallel with the developments in the world bicycle industry. KOREL ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. A. S.
Mucahit Dalgic Food Export&Import Limited Company has registered since 1979. Olive products has been produced in Canakkale province which is one of the first regions that ancient olive activities has recorded in the history.Our selection of olives are coming from mountain IDA, which has the second highest oxygen rate in the world. With a total production capacity of 2750 Tons per year it's facilities has 2300m² indoor area. We are one of the oldest producers and suppliers of some of the finest quality products that Turkey has to offer. At Dalgic Olive Oil a large part of our business comes from the exports of olive oils. By having the ability to supply bulk and pack according to our customer’s needs, gives our company a competitive advantage. Please fill in the RFQ form inside this page to get a quote from us. We will reply you with our best price offer shortly.
Poltan Global Textiles was founded by the four partners Orsan Tan, Serdar Polater, Korhan Tahsin Tan and Levent Polater in 2012. Poltan Global Textiles is a company which has successfully grown and reached its aims over the years especially with their main production line of socks and underwear. More recently after a growing demand from clients house shoes/slippers have also been added to the production portfolio. Poltan is very proud to own very high standards in their products as well as customer service resulting in 100% of Business coming in from exports. We have reached 30 countries with our business and working hard to grow each day by developing new products and business models with our solid team. Our service continues at a high standard even after the exchange of business by working closely together with our clients to ensure their standards have been met.
MANSUR FOREIGN TRADE continues to be a safe bridge between our import and export friends in a wide range of sectors. To be procured our friends make the necessary efforts to offer the best quality and price range with dedication. Our Principles; Fast and trouble free delivery. Always working with the most reliable, quality stable companies. To apply transparent and legal working principles .. WE ARE READY TO BE THE BEST SUPPLIER AND VEHICLE COMPANY WITH EXPERIENCED EXPERIENCES IN TURKEY AND THE WORLD WHO HAVE BEEN GREATED FROM OUR COUNTRIES ...!